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tv   Headline News  RT  September 21, 2013 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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truth be. true. israeli troops are under fire for roughing up foreign diplomats and preventing them from delivering aid to palestinian bedouins whose entire community was demolished. syria keeps up with its chemical disarmament obligations by submitting an inventory of its toxic stop piles to the international watchdog. and as germans prepared to vote in sunday's parliamentary election despite the almost certain return for uncle merkel disillusion remains over the growing income gap and tough job market.
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you're watching r t live from moscow i'm lindsey france thanks for joining me. european diplomats and foreign activists have accused israeli troops of man handling them as they tried to deliver aid to the west bank security forces also seized a truck carrying tents and emergency supplies meant for palestinian bedouins whose homes were demolished by israel earlier this week artis palace lawyer has more on the incident that's causing a stir in israel and abroad. most particular incident happened on fine day from the information we have a group of european diplomats were driving in a truck when they were fired out by the israeli army now they say that they were targeted by some grenades that a french diplomat was literally yanked from the truck before the army drove away the diplomats had inside the truck tents as well as emergency supplies that they were trying to deliver to a bad one community that earlier in the week had seen its homes its kindergarden
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and its stables demolished by the israeli army now we've been unable to get any kind of comment from either the israeli police or the israeli army what i can tell you is that this is one of three they've been communities that in the last six weeks has been targeted by the israeli army for this particular community that comprises of some one hundred twenty people in the west bank they want to hold given a court order given by the israeli high court for the army to demolish their homes saying that they were illegal but it does point to a much bigger problem that you have here in the west bank among between communities and that is that the communities themselves say that they need the land for the grazing of the cattle that the families have lived here for generations and that they simply have nowhere else to go in this particular community there were two attempts earlier in the week by the european community to try and reach the bad ones they did manage to get to them and put up some tents before these were forcibly taken down by the israeli army now the european diplomats who come from
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countries such as bush and so on spain ireland and australia as you can well imagine are furious they say that there's been a complete disregard for the diplomatic community and they are calling on the international community to apply and pressurizes role to have hearing to international human rights activist peter tatchell explains why he thinks israel's actions qualify as a brazen violation of international law. every aspect of this incident is in defiance of both israeli and international law the starting point of course is that this incident happened in the occupied territories which the global consensus is that israel is illegally occupying since they were seized in the one nine hundred sixty seven war so israel shouldn't even be there but if it is going to be there as the occupying power it has a duty to safeguard the welfare and interests of all the people in that territory
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and quite clearly denying a two destitute palestinian found news who've had their homes demolished by views released military that is quite clearly not fulfilling their obligations under international law to safeguard people in the territories they control syria has made a step towards implementing the chemical disarmament plan brokered by russia and the united states by starting to detail its toxic arsenal he had braced chemical weapons watchdog has received partial data on the stockpiles with more details expected within the next few days artist has more. well under the deal a brokered between washington and moscow in geneva last weekend a syria has until saturday to disclose its arsenal of chemical weapons and the process has begun the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons or o.p.c. w for short a spokesman for that organization says we have received part of the verification
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and we expect more that's what the spokesperson was quoted as saying it's believed that the initial declaration outlining syria's chemical weapons program has been handed over however when contacted by our take p.c. w. did confirm that a meeting on syria that was settled for sunday has been postponed no reason was given no future date has been set now it's believed that syria has one thousand tons worth of chemical weapons dotted around the country making it logistically difficult for this process to be carried out president bashar al assad was quoted in major wake saying that the process could take over a year just about over a year of course under that deal struck in geneva syria has until the middle of two thousand and fourteen to complete the process for the united nations are set to discuss a possible u.n. resolution in new york next week on the syrian crisis that will give a legal backing to the deal struck in geneva however the two sides have slightly
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different views on the wording of that possible resolution with the united states britain and france king for the threat of military intervention to be on the table to remain on the table if the. with the u.n. resolution russia a say that any threats of military intervention is counterproductive and not needed in the initial resolution russia says that only if damascus fails to comply should the matter then be taken back to the united nations will those discussions are due to take place in new york next week but the early signs are that damascus is keen to comply with that deal struck in geneva last week and. later this hour we'll also look at how progress in disarming syria might affect the region particularly in iran where there are fresh help for nuclear talks after the new president held out an olive branch to the west. germans head to the polls tomorrow to vote in a parliamentary election that looks like
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a foregone conclusion chancellor merkel is almost certain to remain in power despite growing discontent with the ruling party's policies as artist peter all over found out declining wages and growing inequality are among the things germans are most concerned about it's billed as europe's economic success story but german voters feel like country is split between the haves and the have nots germans are rich yeah ten percent of germans are only fifty to sixty percent of all the capital and the gap is getting bigger. our society is divided there are police in germany like here in both homes that are so poor the streets are industry and the theatres have to shut down this town is broke. for most people the financial situation isn't good which isn't the image many of germany's european partners have of the federal republic. and i think if you were to ask someone from spain they
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would tell you germany is an economic land of milk and honey but that just isn't the case perhaps thirty years ago after reunification and the pressures of staying competitive globally those days are gone. one of the ways germany has stayed competitive is by trying to keep wages low i know plenty of spin years in greeks who come to burden looking for work there scandalized by how low he is it's not enough to survive. in the run up to this election the main opposition is campaigned on a platform of introducing a minimum wage of eighty year old fifty per hour the current german government has dismissed those calls i'm glad merkel's party insists that the introduction of a minimum wage would destroy job creation however these people here are saying they just want a fair day's pay for a fair day's work. we need a meaning which has to be of a level that people can live on to provide for their families. there are so many
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jobs around that barely enough so you can survive i think eight fifty proposed by the s.d.p. is too low i think it should be closer to twelve per hour. so called many jobs have also grabbed voters' attention ahead of sunday's ballot almost a quarter of the workforce are employed in these part time and often low paid jobs any medium million jobs are no good you can't contribute to a pension with four hundred euros these days everyone in the family has to work. i sit with my roommate and we realize i make too little money it's a case of either we give up our studies and find more work or lose our flat whoever comes out on top from sunday's ballot is going to face the continuing task of keeping germany's economy on track while at the same time trying to please a workforce which feels underpaid and under appreciated peter all other r.t. germany. if you want to know what's really going on in the european and global
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economy spots the latest episode of the kaiser report later today where knox and stacey take a look at what's behind the great uncertainty in modern day financial system is a short preview. the collapse of lehman was a market signal that sits should have alerted the government and everyone participating in these markets that their massive reform was needed but instead they interpreted that market saying well as a way to make the situation much worse again i made the comparison to theocratic fanatical religious extremists who misread their fundamentalist texts and everything they read suggest that they should blow themselves up on other people same thing as lloyd blankfein and warren buffet everything they read says i should blow everything up i should commit mass terrorism that's the message that they get from the from the price signals that they receive it's a breakdown in capitalism unfortunately and that's predictable because unfortunately the price of money is close to zero and access to money is ubiquitous by the cac the stock receive in america ruled by the least qualified not to mention
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the kleptocracy on wall street. still ahead after the break breaking up the united kingdom as scotland prepares pro independence rallies but almost a year before the referendum party looks at the arguments of those standing for and against separation from the rest of britain. is probably the most complex. the manana of friendly fire probably extends back to the invention of gunpowder.
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kill a bunch of people you know don't know what they're up their families there are a us people. right i'm writing. this son of a shoots my brother in the leg not intentional because it because it was nine times four in the morning even the best given the mesh shoulders. are going to make mistakes this is this whole idea of brotherhood and author. and camaraderie in this sense it was in this context that has absolutely no place. but. i would like to do it if you would you know the price is the only industry specifically mentioned in the constitution and. that's because a free and open process is critical to our democracy schreck albus. role. in
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fact the single biggest threat facing our nation today is the corporate takeover of our government and across the semi-colon we've been hijacked why handful of transnational corporations that will profit by destroying what our founding fathers one still just my job market and on this show we reveal the big picture of what's actually going on in the world we go beyond identifying the problem. the rational debate and the real discussion critical issues facing them but ready to join the movement then walk away from the big picture. the interview.
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welcome back you're watching our to live from our moscow studios islands in france academics at the city university of new york have called for all charges to be dropped against six students arrested on tuesday they were protesting after former cia chief david petraeus was given a teaching position at the school but he of footage has emerged showing police using heavy handed tactics while detaining the protesters artie's marina portnoy reports. four star general and former cia director david petraeus recently began
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his new career here in the big apple as an adjunct professor for the new york city public university known as kuni but his attendance has been met with broad criticism from students faculty and staff members who say they don't want their college to host the man who oversaw the wars drone strikes and alleged torture tactics in the middle east now for the past few weeks this anti professor pre-trained his movement has been gaining traction recently activists tell me that they're on their campaign has been met with heavy handed tactics from the new york city police department though earlier this week about seventy five people were marching right around here across the street from that building where professor portray us was allegedly attending a fundraiser and that's when a fight broke out between new york city police officers and protesters cops who
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videotaped trying to barricade the activists who then spilled out onto the streets witnesses say students were punched slammed against vehicles and onto the pavement by the cops eventually six people were arrested and have been charged with obstruction of governmental administration riot resisting arrest and disorderly conduct twenty four year old denise ford is among the six students that were arrested during the protest and spent twenty eight hours in police custody she joins me now to talk about her experienced niece tell me what led to your arrest i believe some of us were already being targeted by the police so that you know they were going to rise and then i mean they pushed us into the streets and they just started from there where they grabbed one of my palmer about like seven to fifteen . slammed his head against the car and we're just all on top of. so then i went to
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try to help him out and within the process i ended up pulling him between two callers to the back of my head then i proceeded to get up and then when i looked at a back of me there's another about like. cars on top of my other car you loose and which i witness they picked up his shirt. and a plain clothes officer just take. loads to his kids and then the cop just came and grabbed me. and then just called i believe this is also an intimidation tactic used by the n.y.p.d. why is it that so many people are so on happy with his new position as a visiting professor at what he thinks is what we're getting it's not these characters it's what he represents an area with capitalism. and war.
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to wage dozens of academics have signed on to a petition calling for all charges against the six cuny students to be dropped in the interim according to reports a growing number of staff and faculty members are also calling on america's former intelligence chief to resign from his position as a visiting professor reporting from new york. r.t. . and over at our web site could the touch idea option on the new i phone actually be reason for security concerns as hackers from around the globe are bracing for practical advice after being promised thousands of dollars in bounty and other prizes if they can get that story online. plus. a clash of the president's livia's head of state of lashes out at barack obama calling him a criminal and promising legal action for violating international laws at online to find out why.
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the u.s. looks willing to test iran's recent change of tone in relations with the west the white house said it's ready to engage in talks on terror on its nuclear program as long as the islamic republic is willing to prove its peaceful purposes joel rubin from the anti-nuclear pressure group the plash fund says the middle east would benefit if the two countries could relaunch diplomatic efforts it's clear that there is time and space for diplomacy it's clear that the sanctions that the international community the united nations russia the europeans the united states have put on iran have really gotten the iranian leaders attention the deal recently between the united states and russia on syria's chemical weapons has demonstrated
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that diplomacy can work now it's a question of will it be followed through by assad the same can be said for ron if we can see these issues resolved diplomatically it's going to create a sense of stability in what has been a very unstable region now it certainly is in the interests of the people who live there as well as united states and russia. and now on to some other news in brief starting with pakistan where former top taliban commander moon daughter is due to be released from prison the country's foreign minister said that baradar will help be afghan as will help the afghan reconciliation process he was one of the founders of the taliban in afghanistan and was a linchpin of the insurgency after the u.s. led invasion in two thousand and one dar was captured in the pakistani city of karachi back in two thousand and ten. china's meteorological sutter has issued a red alert as super storm heads toward hong kong this year's largest typhoon is already battering southern parts of taiwan where at least two thousand five hundred
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people have been evacuated to safety from flood prone areas when you saw the hit island communities in the philippines that triggered mudslides and power outages but no casualties were reported. pro independent supporters in scotland are preparing a mass rally on the streets of edinburgh ahead of next year's referendum the move for separation has been met with sharp criticism from the u.k. government the prime minister has warned of a dire economic consequences for scots but pat kane from the us scotland campaign group says that's just scaremongering. you know if you take away the oil and gas and disco economy it's an obviously well performing european economy added to the economy is doing extremely well in fact you know i'm sure many countries many small countries in war would love to have the problem of volatility of oil and gas reserves so and no way would it be a patch of economy i mean three of the top universities in the world based in
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scotland edinburgh is one of the top twenty there's a huge sector and bio science has a great advantages and and food in textiles as a modern developed economies which is one of these why and dependence is so attractive it's not a negative case prosperity and progress case i think that's a pragmatic decision i think in general at the moment scotland would be part of the e.u. in any case because there's no provision for expelling attend a tree that has been subject to european laws for the last forty years that there's a lot of fun to the noise about the spot i think eventually pragmatism would prevail. coming up we examine the causes behind the increasing amount of friendly fire in recent military fighting that's after the break here on r.t.e. .
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we talked before about people getting in trouble throughout the usa just for gardening in fact according to the christian science monitor a couple of florida has been fined five hundred dollars a day until they dig up their vegetable garden which is on their own property immediately people who write these articles draw comparisons to communist russia where people weren't allowed to grow their own food unless the state allowed it yes the revolutionary period in russia forced agriculture to change rapidly and often against the will of many of those involved and this did lead to starvation revolution isn't fun but what about after that well stalin and khrushchev gave out a lot of doctors which are private summer houses where people guard and also there were markets in the soviet union where people could bring the food they grew to sell do you see all these pictures behind me these are people in the soviet union selling food they produced privately and legally but there were some moments in soviet history when there were some taxes placed on the sale of your personal goods from your personal labor which according to russian website history of taxes was
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around ten percent whether you love or hate communism more than anything doesn't matter this half truth about shooting soviet gardeners birds like wildfire on the american side of the internet the real truth is that in fact when the u.s. government for every reason in various forms clamps down on private gardens it isn't the same as communism but it's actually technically worse than communism for the majority of its lifespan where you could guard it up as you like excluding the brutal revolutionary period but that's just my opinion. i know c.n.n. the amazon b c news have taken some slightly but the fact is i admire their
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commitment to cover all sides of the story just in case one of them happens to be accurate. that was funny but it's close and for the truth and might take. off the. goods because one full attention and the mainstream media works side by side the joke is actually on here. ok. and our teen years we have a different brain. because the news of the world just is not this funny i'm not laughing dammit i'm not i. but i think. you guys stick to the jokes well handled it makes sense that i got a. thanks for.
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the reply. did you know the price is the only industry specifically mentioned in the constitution and. that's because a free and open process is critical to our democracy which albus us role. in fact the single biggest threat facing our nation today is the corporate takeover of our government and across several we've been a hydrogen lying handful of trans national corporations that will profit by the screwing what our founding fathers once told us about my job market and on this show we reveal the big picture of what's actually going on in the world and we go beyond identifying the problem trying to fix rational debate and a real discussion of critical issues facing america to find the book ready to join the movement then walk away from the big picture. the discipline. it was terrible
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a family's very hard to take out of it once again here is a plan why haven't you ever had sex with her make her number. one. which. was. one of the beauties of the political.
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dramas that can't be ignored to. stories others refused to notice. faces change the world writes never. the full picture of today's leaves long long distance from around the globe. up to. fifty. the research of dr scott's a retired lieutenant colonel at the harvard business school highlights the difficulties in determining both the cause of and criminal culpability in friendly fire incidents so friendly fire have a perverse relationship with friendly fire paratrooper and eighty second airborne division was a victim of friendly fire in operation urgent fury and grenada and so for years this was ninety three i had a perverse sense of curiosity how could sometimes some of the best trained best equipped people in the world sometimes fall short of the mark in his book friendly
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fire dr snoeck investigates an encounter in a no fly zone in which two u.s. f. fifteen fighters shot down two u.s. army black hawk helicopters instantly killing twenty six u.n. peacekeepers this happened in one thousand nine hundred four full three years at the end of the first gulf war was that a high shooting war going around there's not a lot of bad guys running around on the ground or in a lot of enemy planes flying around near broad daylight unlimited visibility relatively benign conditions it's on can play in this one in the fog of war on the call sheet that morning the two f. fifteen pilots were briefed that they would be the first aircraft to enter the no fly zone by regulation no helicopters were allowed to fly into the zone without fighter coverage. unbeknown to the f. fifteen pilots a last minute early morning trip was scheduled to get peacekeepers to or below the town deep in northern iraq when the pilots entered the no fly zone that morning.


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